Eva Akaakar

‘Woman you are Fire’, is an echo of God’s “Now” desires for women all over the earth; it is an unveiling of the heart of the Father for women today.

Favour Omakwu

Any woman who desires and yearns to be elevated in her walk with God and fulfilling her assignment NEEDS this book. It’s like a manual to successful living on earth.

Raquel Daniels

This book is a reminder that there’s a higher calling on us and we need to attend to it urgently. There’s no time to waste time. God is calling us to a higher life.

Ayanfe Olonade

Each chapter of the book will hit you with different emotions, instructions and revelations. I encourage you to take notes and not rush through it.

Wumi Toni-Falade

“Woman, You are Fire” aptly described the burning fire in my spirit and soul. While reading this book, I was constantly overwhelmed by the presence of the Holy Spirit.