About the Book

Your real identity is about to be uncovered and your pristine gifting revealed. You’re the one generations have been waiting on to step into the fullness of your calling. Woman, there is an irrevocable power that is upon you right now and all you need to equalize with your true self is right within your reach. We are in a season where your light cannot and should not be hidden. You have come to a place where there is no turning back. I mean a place of no return. You have crossed a threshold and there’s an irresistible longing to see that which your heart perceives come into reality. God is ready to use you like never before to establish His divine agenda in the earth. You will KNOW that you have come into active partnership with Abba. He is not just going to “use you” for His work, He will also pour out His love, grace and spirit upon you like never before in the process. You will be thoroughly changed from the inside out. You will be recalibrated into your original form and identity. God is doing a massively rapid work in you until you begin to reflect Him.


Woman you are fire is not just a book, it is an invitation to destiny discovery, destiny pursuit and destiny alignment. This is a call to arise and ascend. You are not permitted to be confused after reading this book because the Holy Spirit Himself will teach you beyond the letter of the book. He will divulge the truth and the spirit of this book into your heart and cause a lifetime ignition of Kingdom pursuit and advancement until everything in and around you is set on fire for good. You will no longer think less of yourself. You will move from the level of having a spark for God to being set ablaze for Him. You will no longer be silent, and every dimension of your life will be a divinely orchestrated melody from God to the people and back to God in glory. Your life will no longer experience “mood swings” or “flukes of Glory” because God Himself will be the regulator of all your affairs and you will fully understand and be intentional about your seasons in Him.


Get ready to embark on this journey with me as we travel through chapters in this book. Every chapter is important and I strongly believe will set a fire in your heart that cannot be contained or controlled. This book is sure to activate you into true form and identity, just as it did for me. Woman, the world awaits your manifestation.