Woman, your day has come!!! July 20th!!!


Woman, You are Fire conference JULY 20th is the day of the Lord!!! This meeting is for the daughters of God that have been asking God questions and those who need answers concerning who they are and what to do with their brokenness! God has set you up big time with this divine encounter you are about to have!


There’s a switch that’s going to happen to you. I do not mean a slow progression of things. I mean a rapid move from 0 to 100. That’s about to be your reality I tell you!!!! This is happening because You asked and God answered! This is a DIVINE DATE with ABBA!


There’s been a war over you in the spirit since you showed up in the earth and everything has been a ploy to keep you silent, to make you lose your place, to make you doubt who you are. Truly, The warfare has been over your identity. But now we know better!!!


The enemy wants you to think that the sum total of your life’s experience up until now is who you are and that’s a lie! The devil has so assaulted the minds of so many women and it didn’t start today but I’m here to tell you that his time is up. Your freedom is here!


The places of brokenness, of hurt, pain, hate, confusion are being RESTORED! God desires to see His daughters free!!! So, we are not serving the devil notice, we are forcefully evicting him from our minds and hearts and we are taking back what belongs to us. Your Joy is coming back rapidly and it’s coming in an unquantifiable dose!


Through this meeting, God has set you up big time for HEALING, RESTORATION, WHOLENESS AND ALIGNMENT. God wants to deliver His word to you. Like tell you word for word who you are! God wants to SHOWER HIS LOVE ON YOU!!! He wants to show you a deeper dimension of His love! God wants to give you your formation!!! Yes even though you may have made mistakes, your mistakes cannot stop God. Things happened that weren’t your fault, even that can’t stop God!


Woman, You are Fire conference is the day it all changes for the BEST! This is the beginning of your journey to WHOLENESS. The world needs your fire but you need to be WHOLE. God is so mindful of you and I can tell you free of charge that we have crushed the head of the enemy. I mean over you, he’s LOST completely! If he had known he won’t have come for you like that but now he will have to watch you become a Woman of Fire and deal with it!


Woman, You are Fire book will also be launched on the day! Come be the first to get a copy.

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